Pixi Vitamin-C Tonic (40ml)

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PIXI Vitamin-C Tonic

Vitamin C is proven for its antioxidant properties since long; this product PIXI Vitamin-C Tonic just gets more of it with this tonic alleviating the skin-ageing factors, giving the radiant tone and even acting against the damage caused by UV radiations.


 With collagen-synthesis as the go-to function, this Vitamin- C concentrated tonic reverses the multiple signs of ageing including the wrinkles and fine lines.


Tried and tested as a brightening agent as well, this essential vitamin helps one get the radiant tone and suppler skin as well.


Why it’s Special?

The Vitamin C works wonder against the ageing factors and that’s due to its antioxidant properties which go ahead boosting the collagen synthesis process. Apart from the ageing spots, it also helps to remove the dark spots and discolouration with giving one a luminous skin and healthier one as well.


The action against free radicals is also a major highlight of this serum apart from healing the damage caused by UV radiations that may be pigmentation, redness or irritation.




This serum fortifies against UV radiation damage.

Enhances the brighter complexion and glowing skin as well.

Reverses the ageing-factors like fine lines and wrinkles.