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THE INKEY LIST’s aim is simple: to break through beauty jargon to deliver a straightforward take on the most-wanted ingredients in skin care. A superstar ingredient for a reason, retinol helps to promote skin renewal and enhance collagen production, leaving skin brighter, smoother and more youthful-looking. The slow-release formula of this Retinol Serum — now available Supersize and with a 30% SAVING — minimises irritation and maximises results, leaving fine lines and wrinkles minimised and skin tone more even than ever.

This slow-release Supersize Retinol Serum works hard to minimise fine lines and wrinkles, even out skin tone tackle blemishes and improve skin clarity, all ith minimum irritation and dryness.


A derivative of vitamin A, retinol helps to promote skin renewal and enhance collagen production to keep skin looking youthful, working at a cellular level to promote renewal and repair processes so that newer cells reach the surface quicker. As we age, the rate at which our skin renews itself slows down (sob) so retinol can be a great way of kick-starting cells back into action. Providing the highest quality ingredients formulated by a crack team of scientists and experts, THE INKEY LIST’s answer to retinol is sublime in its simplicity, uniting 1% stable Retistar retinol (the equivalent of 0.05% retinol) and 0.5% granactive retinoid (slightly stronger than retinol) with squalane for hydration and nourishment.


How to Use

Use in the PM after cleansing and toning and before other serums. Apply a pea-sized amount to the fingers and gently tap into the skin. May increase sun sensitivity; always use a broad-spectrum sunscreen during the day.


Whilst THE INKEY LIST Retinol has a low irritation formula, for some people redness and flakiness may occur at the beginning of use due to the increase in cell turnover. When first introducing Retinol, you may wish to use a few times per week and gradually increase to every evening.