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Byoma moisturizing gel-cream trial 15ml

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This ultra-lightweight and deliciously creamy gel-like moisturiser instantly absorbs into thirsty skin and boasts results that’ll leave your complexion feeling softer and hydrated. Already enjoying its many benefits but running out? Simply keep your colourful container and stock up on the refill instead of chucking it all out.

In true BYOMA fashion, this Moisturising Gel Cream is of course infused with a unique blend of barrier boosting tri-ceramide complexes and superstar actives, niacinamide and green tea — the perfect recipe for skin that craves hydrating TLC! Get the best of both worlds with this gel-cream that offers both a cooling sensation that’ll wake up your skin cells in the morning and long-lasting moisture to keep you going through the day. A brightly packaged bottle with an endless supply of skin-loving goodies that’ll surely stand out in your bathroom cabinet. Designed to draw in and retain moisture so that your cells function at their best, this moisturising formula works to restore and reduce inflammation — now that’s what we call R & R!