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Isntree - Hyper Retinol Ex1.0 Serum 20ml( Damaged box)

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Revitalize and Restore, This well-aging serum helps restore the skin's youthful radiance by increasing its firmness with minimal dryness and no irritation.

High-performance, gentle retinol serum. Helps improve the complexion without compromising the skin's sensitivity.

Key ingredients: Retinol EX 1%, Provides intensive well-aging benefits by improving the appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles. (0.1% Retinol, 0.3% Retinyl palmitate, 0.6% Bakuchiol)

Texture: A lightwright milky texture in a bright yellow color. (The products texture color may naturally change over time, which is normal and doesn't affect its quality.

How to use: Take 2-3 drops on the palm of your hands and gently pat it on your skin for maximum absorption. * Apply the serum at night, after cleansing on a dry skin, before your moisturizer. Apply sunscreen throughout the day*