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IUNIK Propolis Vitamin Eye Cream 30mL

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Idebenone 'eye de be known' is a synthetic derivative of CoQ10, an extremely powerful antioxidant that's 4x more effective than Vitamin C and 10x more effective than it's origin CoQ10. Why is this important? Antioxidants are your protection against aging; it fights the stress skin goes under through pollution, mental stress and sun damage to delay any signs of lines. 


More Than One

Don't feel restricted by the name! Use it on areas with thinner skin that's susceptible to wrinkling, such as the nasolabial folds. For those looking for an antiaging cream, try this one's silky feel across the whole face. 


No Cakey Concealer

It's long-lasting and it's thick-ish consistency makes this work as a useful undereye primer. It makes sure your concealer stays put. Less caking, less flaking and less darkness!