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Shiseido Fino Premium Touch Hair Oil 70g

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Shiseido Fino Premium Touch Hair Oil is a hair treatment oil that intensively repairs damaged hair. If you've tried the famous Shiseido Fino Premium Touch Hair mask, then this hair oil is a great follow up treatment to keep your hair feeling even healthier and shiner.


If your hair is dry or prone to damage from harsh weather conditions, UV rays, or treatments such as coloring, highlights, or perms, the Fino Premium Touch Hair Oil by Shiseido can help to repair your hair and smoothen its texture.


The Fino hair oil intensively repairs even the slightest damage, helping your hair to become more healthy and feel smooth.


The hair oil itself has a light finish that is not too sticky, and will not leave your hair feeling greasy in the slightest. It also has a refreshing floral scent.