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tfit Delicate Silk Veil Art Primer 30ml

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Lightweight and silky-smooth primer glides effortlessly onto the skin, blurring imperfections and minimizing the appearance of pores for a refined and radiant complexion.


Its unique formulation contains delicate silk extracts, providing a touch of elegance and a subtle glow that enhances the overall luminosity of your makeup. The primer also extends the wear-time of your foundation, ensuring your makeup stays fresh and vibrant throughout the day. Whether you’re a makeup artist or a makeup enthusiast, this art primer is a must-have addition to your beauty routine, allowing you to achieve a professional and polished look with every application. TFIT Delicate Silk Veil Art Primer, a luxurious and innovative primer designed to create a flawless canvas for your makeup masterpiece.



Luxurious and innovative primer


Pore coverage for up to 12 hours

High adhesion product

Resistant to water and sweat

Leaves skin with a peach skin finish


12-hour long-wear boosting

Water and Sweat Proof for 12 hours