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TIRTIR Milk Skin Toner 50ml

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Tirtir Milk Skin Toner, you can now achieve the coveted glow of dolphin skin — without any hard work or extra costs. This toner is designed to transform damaged skin barriers to reveal a refreshed, radiant complexion. Its deep-hydrating formula is super-rich with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and panthenol, meant to help restore long-lasting moisture to your skin. 



The toner includes some special ingredients, like niacinamide and licorice root extract, that can help to give your skin a natural brightening boost. Plus, with the help of Rice Bran Extract, you can see a visible brightening effect.


Tirtir Milk Skin Toner has been dermatologist-tested and is suitable for all skin types, no matter what your skin concerns may be.


1. Pour an adequate amount in the palm, and lightly press in to the face to absorb.


2. Layer as necessary.




- Soak cotton pads with the liquid to minimize spillage, then apply to the face.


- Use multiple soaked pads to create an ultra hydrating face mask, by sticking them onto the face for 10 minutes before discarding